2017's best hotels according to Virtuoso

A luxury villa set in the heart of Italy's black truffle country, Norcia, has been named the Hotel of the Year by an international luxury travel network for affluent globetrotters.

Rio's hotel rooms empty one year later

Rio de Janeiro hotels nearly doubled capacity for the Olympics, but had a problem once sports fans went home: the tourism industry had checked out with them.

How to sleep in a hotel made of Lego

It took 2,1-million Lego bricks to build the recently opened Legoland Castle Hotel in England, where guests can now drift asleep dreaming of pixelated wizards, knights and dragons.

Barcelona, Airbnb finally reach deal

Homesharing website Airbnb will remove adverts for lodgings in Barcelona that lack permits to host tourists under a deal reached with city authorities after months of dispute.