The world's best - on our doorstep

It's a fact - Cape Town is easily the finest holiday destination in Africa, offering access to an unparalleled diversity of world class leisure and scenery.

We're lava-ing this hot Airbnb listing!

It’s official. The world’s hottest Airbnb listing has been found, and not just because it’s slap-bang in the middle of a solidified lava stream.

Luxury Japanese train has bath and fireplace

It's got Michelin-starred chefs, solid cypress bathtubs and a cosy snug complete with roaring fire: the Shiki-Shima could hold its own against any five-star hotel.

The most important hotel booking factors

Cleanliness and comfort outweigh little luxuries like a solid breakfast, pool or in-room deluxe coffee machine for hotel guests at the end of their stay.