'Pee Park'? China tries to correct bad translations

Public signs such as "Pee Park" and "deformed man toilet" may finally be a thing of the past as Chinese authorities crack down on poor translations known as "Chinglish".

Tourism has become Barcelona locals' main concern

Tourism has become the main issue of concern for Barcelona's residents ahead of unemployment, according to a survey published Friday by the city hall of the popular seaside resort.

'It's a girl!':Zoo announces baby panda's sex

A zoo spokesman said the female cub's sex was confirmed based on pictures sent to a panda research centre in the shy animal's native China.

False alarm as major quake reported in California

The false alarm came from the US Geological Survey, which sent out an email to newsrooms saying that a magnitude 6.8 quake had taken place in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Santa Barbara.